Why Is It Funny When People Fart?

Face it. Whether you want to admit it or not, you have definitely laughed when somebody around you has farted. But why is that? After all, we’re all adults, right? (Or at least, we are supposed to be…). So why do we laugh when people fart, and why do we find it so funny when we experience bodily issues like that?

dog funny fartThere’s no exact science to laughing and finding farts funny, of course, and different answers surely come from different people, but there are a few major ideas that connect us all regarding farts, and why we find them so darn funny:

Bodily functions are funny!

Face it, no matter what you say, there are some bodily functions that are just funny. Sure, some are gross, and some are definitely not something that you ever want to see or experience again, but some are downright humorous. Farting is one of those, remaining relatively innocuous, harmless, and thus, funny. Plus, doesn’t it always seem that the funniest guy in the room is the one who is doing all the farting, anyways? Maybe there is a connection there to be had…

funny fart photoHumans laugh at themselves

Human beings are good for several things, but one of them is that we often are able to see the humor in our lives and ourselves. Because of that, it’s pretty easy for us to laugh at ourselves when we do something like fart, as it shows we’re, well, pretty immature. Plus, farting takes away the air of self-consciousness and seriousness in a lot of ways, allowing us to let our guard down, so to speak, and find humor in that and everything else around us at the time.

Immaturity still rules

The biggest thing to consider here is the fact that, at the end of the day, we are still all pretty immature. Let’s be honest – we’ve all definitely laughed at things we would be ashamed to admit, and farts are one of those things we all find funny. And that’s fine! We need to laugh at things like that, since we should have a period of time where we just don’t quite want to grow up. It’s good for us! So go forth knowing that it’s just fine to be a little immature every now and then, and do things like laugh at farts. Embrace it!

funny farting memeIn all, farts are funny. There’s just no way to get around it. No matter who you are, or what your background is, chances are you have found some kind of fart, or something specifically about farts pretty darn funny.

So, embrace that attitude and idea, and just let it roll. Laugh at them, enjoy them, and be immature for a minute or two, even if you are typically a serious adult. It will get you through some tough times, it will keep your spirits up, and it will keep your anxiety down – and these are all good things that are positive and can benefit you and your life in the long run.