Why Is Everything Funny When You're Tired?

We’ve all been at that point where you are exhausted, you haven’t been sleeping, your body aches, you are stressed out, and all of a sudden… everything is funny. But why is that? And why does your body simply seem to lower its standards of humor just to help you out and make you laugh when you are exhausted? One thing is for certain though; you won’t need to lower your standards of humor to laugh at the funny pictures on our home page. So take a gander after you finish reading this exciting article.

funny picture of a tired cat

There’s a few important things to note when it comes to determining exactly what is going on with your body and mind, and why you end up laughing so hard when you are tired, but here are a few key points:

Fight or Flight

When your body is stressed out in any way, whether it’s from fatigue or fear, you go into “fight or flight” mode. That is where your body chooses between fighting the event (which, in this case, involves reacting to something by laughing), or “flighting” away from the event (which, would probably mean something like falling asleep because you are exhausted). Your body, here, has chosen to fight and stay awake, taking joy in ridiculousness as a way to keep it moving and alert.

funny pic of a sleepy kittenLaugh to keep from Crying

The old saying goes, you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying. When people get tired and delirious, that is sometimes true. That is, your body is so tired and fatigued, that all you can do is laugh, unless you’d rather cry and make it a sad event. So, your body and mind work in congress to see to it that you end up happy and you take pleasure in your silliness.

Your defenses are down

It’s the perfect time for your defenses to go down when you are tired, and when it happens, well, more stuff just gets in when it shouldn’t. That means more humor, more bad jokes, and more silly puns, and because of it, more laughs and a better reaction to things thanks to fatigue that you wouldn’t normally think are all that funny, or even worth a laugh at all.

hilarious im tired bear photoJust go with it!

Hey, who cares why you laugh when you are tired, right? At some level, you’ve got to just go with it and move forward in a healthy way, regardless of worrying about the reason why you may or may not be laughing in the first place. In doing so, you can relax, let your defenses down, and just enjoy your company instead of worrying why such silliness exists in the first place – and that’s truly fun for everybody involved!

All in all, stuff just gets funnier when you are tired. Now, we’re not saying intentionally exhaust yourselves, of course, but just know that it seems to get a little more silly, ludicrous, and ridiculous with every moment you stay up past your bed time –and sometimes, and in many cases amongst you and your friends, well, a little bit of silliness and humor can go a long ways! So embrace it, and let the laughs out!