Why Funny Guys Get The Girls

It’s no secret that the funnier a guy is, the more girls he seems to have around him and the more girls he seems to find who seek him out as being attractive and desirable. But why is that, anyways? And more importantly, how can you use that information to be funnier yourself, and in turn, get all the girls that you want and have the respect and influence over others that you cherish in due time?

dog youre funnyHere’s a few quick reasons why funny guys always seem to be the ones who get the girls, as well as a little more information about what you can do to become funnier yourself as you develop your confidence and build your routine:

Funny means smart!

Face it, girls are attracted to wit and intelligence a large portion of the time, and in being attracted to that, they often find themselves attracted to funny guys who make them laugh and make them happy over time. That means funny guys are seen as smart, quick, and witty guys by the girls who are attracted to them – and in time, those girls see these guys not only as sharp and intelligent, but quick to navigate a room, and thus, funny and attractive!

funny girlGirls like to laugh, like we all do

We all like to laugh, and we all gravitate to people who make us laugh. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, chances are, you love to laugh and enjoy the time around people who can do that for you and make you happy and healthy. Nearly everyone enjoys laughing at funny photos and videos on the internet or their favourite comedy programs on TV. Girls are the same way, and because of it, they gravitate to the guys who can make them laugh and make them happy, as opposed to guys who are gloomy, dark, depressing, or overly sarcastic and mean.

Confidence and humor go hand in hand

girls memeAt the end of the day, girls really respond to men who show a great deal of confidence as they work. That means that funny people look and feel confident as they work in a room in front of random people who are often strangers. As such, girls are automatically attracted to those funny guys in many cases, as those guys provide a good deal of enlightenment and enjoyment for these girls as they move forward laughing at their antics and impressed by their confidence and more. It’s no secret that this is attractive to many girls!

All in all, funny guys get the girls because they are charismatic, quick, confident, and smart. Being funny often equates to being very smart and witty, and girls respond to that very well. In addition, girls love the confidence that is exuded by funny guys, and girls are very quick to point out and attach to funny men when they show their talents and humor in public.

So you want to get more girls? Be confident! Be sharp! Be witty! And above all, be funny as you prove your confidence and show your talents and skills – after all, you never know who may be watching!