Why Do Women Like Funny Men?

All of us have seen a funny guy talking to a lady. The funny man will say things to make her laugh, giggle and blush. But why is this a trait that makes a man so irresistible to the ladies?

awesome man moustacheThe biggest reason why women find funny men so attractive is that they are so confident. It is known fact that women are attracted to a confident man. Confident men can make them feel at ease and safe. Most women are looking for someone they can rely on and who can look after them if needed. A confident man is something that helps indicate to them that these needs can be met.

Now that we have established what makes a funny man so attractive you are probably wondering how you can be that guy. Being the ‘funny guy’ may not be as easy as you think. Being funny is something that takes time and a lot of effort to become. The first thing you need to master is increasing your confidence too as people are more likely to laugh if you’re confident. The first step in becoming more confident is to work on your appearance and transform yourself into something that you’re proud of. This will surely score you points with the ladies also. There are lots of guides on the internet as well as books on how to increase your confidence. If you are not a very confident person then I suggest you do some reading as it will help you in all aspects of your life.

funny barney stinson quoteAnother way to become a funnier person is to surround yourself with humor. The more you see and hear things that are funny the more you will understand the art of humor. There are lots of funny pictures websites out there and you can look at the social media shares to gauge how funny a picture is. Viewing the funniest pictures can help give you some great ideas of witty and amusing things to entertain other people with. Another thing to look at is funny videos on popular video viewing websites. If you look at the amount of up votes something has then you can see how popular that type of humor is. Additionally there are lots of funny comedians who do stand-up shows that you could pick up some tips from.

funny guy taking a lookOne of the major things to avoid when trying to be funny around women is making fun of them. A little bit of teasing is not so bad but you have to be very careful not to hurt their feelings. No one likes being made fun of. Try to put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how they may feel when you make certain jokes. An easy thing to do instead is to make jokes as your own expense but make sure they’re not too serious. You don’t want them to mistake you making fun of yourself for complaining due to low confidence.

The overall most important thing you can ever do to achieve success with women is to practice. You could approach women when you’re out shopping or getting some food. Drop a few light hearted jokes and see what works. You have nothing to lose if you don’t know the girl and you may even end up chatting and becoming friends or more! Always make sure to remember that not every girl will like you or want to be your friend. It is important to not let it affect your confidence and self-esteem. There are plenty more girls out there who would love to meet someone like you and would find your jokes funny.