Why Are Funny Commercials Effective?

Let’s face it – funny commercials really do work when it comes to getting you to react in a certain way, and then in time, buying certain products based on your reactions. After all, if funny commercials didn’t work, then why would companies spend so much money on their 30-second Super Bowl commercials to make you laugh and make you enjoy their spots and content? Even when it comes to advertising on the internet it is well known that banner advertisements with funny pics get more clicks. The same goes for advertisements on Youtube. People are more likely to stay and watch something humorous.

all you can eat humorous advertisementThere are a few reasons why funny commercials are so effective, as advertisers and copy writers continue to tap into the American psyche with their work and more to show just how important it is to be funny – and how much it can help you and your business if you know how to use the funny yourself!

Funny is cool

First and foremost, being funny is cool, no matter who does it or in pretty much any context. So funny commercials are automatically seen as a step above the rest, and work to prove to people that not only is the commercial itself funny, but also the product is cool, popular, and desired. You walk away from watching a funny commercial feeling better about how cool the product itself may be – and in turn, you want to buy it for yourself!

funny just do it advertisementFunny taps into your emotions

Funny commercials do what all commercials do that are good: they tap into your emotions and create an emotional reaction within your brain and psyche. The most effective commercials, whether they are funny or sad, play into your emotions and seek a response that is designed to react positively to a product or service. Funny commercials create that response out of emotions relating to joy and humor, and they can do it very effectively as they work to prove to you how popular and enjoyable their particular products are.

Funny gives you a good feeling and after thought

hilarious ketchup commercialAt the end of the commercial, if you are left with a good feeling and happy thoughts, you may be more likely to buy the product itself, right? That’s what funny commercials are banking on, making it their goal to leave you with a good experience so that when you think about the product after a good deal of time, you’re left with a great attitude and the desire to buy more of the product. Those after thoughts channel into buying behaviors, and before you know it, you are equating particular products with humor and happiness – a real win for the company who did the commercial!

All in all, there are good reasons why funny commercials work. In fact, you can count on marketers to go back to funny commercials again and again as they work to get the most out of your emotions and reactions, and they will continue to play upon these ideas to get the most out of your wallet, too! Enjoy funny commercials better now, as you understand what makes them so effective, why they work, and how they work to make you happy and excited to see them and react.