Using Hilarious Images for Powerpoint Presentations

Making a Powerpoint presentation for work can often be a dreaded task for some people. The thought of standing up and talking to a group of people about something can make you self-conscious and paranoid about your abilities. One of the main concerns I hear from people who make a Powerpoint presentation is that they fear people will be bored. This certainly is a concern that they have a right to worry about as it is the main reason for people disliking a Powerpoint presentation.

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Imaging you look out into the crowd when you’re giving your presentation and see people sleeping, playing on their phones or staring into space thinking about what they will eat for dinner. This can make you even more anxious and people will be able to tell this, distancing them further from being interested in what you say. Incorporating hilarious pictures into your presentations can help keep people interested even if you are a boring person. Using a few simple techniques I list below you will be able to pick the funniest pictures that will appeal the majority of your audience. Humour is something that is subjective and a picture you may find hilarious can be offensive or unfunny to someone else so be careful!

Picking the Best Funny Picture for Your Presentation

Picking out a picture that nearly everyone will find funny is easy when you know how. Using these few simple steps you will be easily able to pick out the best picture to make your audience laugh.

Avoid subjects that people may find offensive. You should never post a picture in your presentation that involves:

  • Religion
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Makes fun of people with special needs and disabilities
  • Politics
  • Things that are illegal

If you post a picture on any of these subjects you may offend people in your audience. Imagine you post a picture that has the word ‘retarded’ in it. Someone in your audience may have a family member or friend who is disabled mentally and could take great offence. It is better to avoid using a picture on any of these subjects as some people take life very seriously and are easily offended.

The next step is to find an image that everyone will find funny. I bet you are now asking yourself ‘but how do I find a picture that everyone will like?’ well it is easier than you think. If you go onto our Facebook group here or any website with Facebook like buttons all you need to do is find the pictures with the most likes. If you look at a few of the pictures on the website you can get an idea of what is an average amount of likes and what is a very low or high amount of likes. Lets say the majority of website X’s pictures have 50 likes. You look few various posts and notice a post that has 200 likes! This is a good indication the picture is a good one to use in your presentation as it is popular amongst people with every type of sense of humour.

If you use these steps and incorporate at least one funny picture into each slide your presentation will be sure to be a hit. People will sit eagerly awaiting the next slide to see what the next funny picture will be. Don’t be discouraged if not everyone laughs at one slide, if you followed the steps in this guide you are guaranteed to have other slides they will find funny.