Using Hilarious Pictures to Relieve Stress

In this world of chaos, busy lifestyles and hectic work days it is easy to become stressed out or depressed. Every day people look for ways to escape the pressures of life through various activities. Many people turn to harmful activities such as drinking, smoking or drugs to help relieve them of the pressures of life however there are healthier ways to relive stress such as looking at hilarious images or videos.

stress demotivatorHaving a good laugh at some hilarious images is a great way to cheer yourself up. It has been scientifically proven that smiling triggers a reaction in the brain that releases endorphins which make you feel happier and relieve stress. I once saw a scientific study where people were asked to answer some questions about how they were feeling and their outlook on life. In the study one group of people were asked to fill out the survey normally, whereas the other half were asked to fill out the survey while holding a pencil in their mouth between their teeth. Holding a pencil between your teeth makes you smile however the people in this experiment were unaware of this was the purpose of the pencil and thought it was just a silly experiment about having a pencil in your mouth. The people who held the pencil in their mouth proved to have a more positive outlook on life and be generally happier. This helps further prove the idea that smiling regardless of your initial mood can help make you feel better.

Sometimes we over complicate life and our emotions and forget about the simplicities of our subconscious mind. Looking at hilarious pictures and laughing or smiling can have a great effect on your day and help you maintain a positive mood and frame of mind. As the owner of I am constantly looking at hilarious pictures to find the best ones to post onto the website for everyone to enjoy. Since I started the website I have noticed that I feel happier and my sense of humour has improved. I can highly recommend looking at hilarious pictures every day as they are sure to help you maintain an upbeat and positive frame of mind. This can help assist you in all aspects of your life especially within your social life. Everyone loves someone who is always happy and smiling and using hilarious pictures is a step in the right direction.