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Footballers Crying Crocodile Tears

Footballers just love to pretend they’re injured. Have these big babies got no shame? These footballers have been caught on camera with their fake headbutts. Their acting is just hilarious!

footballer fake headbutting another guy .gif

Number one rule of faking; if the other guy falls over you must too! Lulz

footballer and coach faking injury

The Ugly And Sexy Olympics

I wonder how many cheesy pick up lines Allison Stokke gets about poles and bouncing on them.

allison stokke suddenly pole vault fan

I may now be a pole vault fan however the same can’t be said for shot put:

funny ginger shot put

Swimming Is Fabulous

Oh he’s just so excited about swimming, what a flamboyant and floaty little flower.

swimming is just fabulous

A Lion Would Never Cheat

Lions are such loyal animals… until they eat your face off! As for Tiger Woods, he’s a different kind of animal.

a lion would never cheat on its mate but a tiger woods