Sports Pictures

Epic Jumping

Wow this guy has some 1337 skills when it comes to gymnastics.

jumping through a hole

Marathon Runner Shits His Pants

Apparently if you run for long enough your body starts shutting off stuff to keep you going. Unluckily for this guy his body decided to shut off his butt releasing its payload. He certainly is determined to keep running despite how crappy his race has been. I bet his sponsors were delighted.

runner craps his pants


The battle wounds from pantballing. Looks like the gun was full of marbles to me.


New Shoes Pride

Getting some new shoes is something you want to show off.

basketball have you seen my new shoes

Synchronised Swimming Is Weird

For something that is supposed to be artistic and beautiful it certainly has of a lot of ugly and sometimes quite frankly scary moments.

ugly synchronised swimming

scary swimmer

foot in the bum funny

silly face synchronised swimming

synchronised wedgies

scary crazy swimmer

funny face