Sign Pictures

Josh's One Job

Josh has a pretty tough job. Maybe they didn’t check his references before they hired him.

only josh can prevent wildfires shit josh you had one job!

Pictures of Funny Signs

When you’re out and about you see all sorts of things. Here is a collection of strange signs and flyers from around the world. Signs are way too boring and are a lot better after they have been spiced up with a touch of humour.

Beware dog, cat not trustworthy either

Bottomless pit 65 feet deep

Thanks for noticing this notice

Press green yes button for yes cash point sign

Free chicken strips paper flyer

Moustache parking sign

no senior citizen discount twice as long to get money sign

priority seating for overweight, conjoined or charming snakes

Trendy roadwork graffiti

Co-Pilot Check List

Stop arrow in front of a wall

Dark Room light leaks out sign

Machine takes money give nothing return like ex

Today's special fish and chips funny offer

Is you see someone drowning lol call 911

Pie smoking area graffiti

Pullout that's what she said graffiti

Vote batman graffiti

Do not read under penalty of law

Dry Paint

Short staff hire taller staff want taco

Five guys one cup

Emergency, do not remove seal, picture of a seal


Do you want this octopus to have legs? Yes

how were you born?

seen this bird? they are everywhere

Your bass speakers are amazing notice board

Cant grow a moustache take one sign

Caution sign has sharp edges

Servicio de hosteleria industrial de terrassa

Warning children left unattended sold to circus

Danger dog has gun & refuses to take medication

Father killed by ninja need monkey karate lessons