How To Make A Meme Picture

i dont always create a memeMemes are one of the most popular types of funny picture posted on various websites around the internet. There is good reason for this; they’re totally hilarious! Not all memes are funny though which is why you need to spend a little time to ensure your meme is the best around! Many people may create a meme to post on Facebook, forums, popular image boards or websites with user generated content.

There are many ways of creating a meme. One of the most popular is to use one of the many free meme generator websites. A quick Google search for “meme generator” can generate a plethora of quality websites to help you create your meme. The downside of creating your meme this way is that often these types of websites will watermark your created image with their web address at the bottom.

If you’re like me and don’t like blasting watermarked images around the internet then here is a few simple easy steps to create a meme using your own PC.

Step 1 Find The Blank Meme

Obviously you know the sort of meme you want to create. Lets say you want to create a meme of the popular “Bad Luck Brian”. All you need to do is type into Google image search “Bad Luck Brian Meme Template”. As you can see in the screen shot below there are tons of totally blank template pictures that you can go ahead and use. Make sure to get one that is a good size though. I would recommend a minimum width of 500 pixels.

google image search for bad luck brian meme

Another option is to use one of QuickLOL’s blank meme templates here we have most of the most popular memes in this list.

Step 2 Adding The Text

Adding the text should be relatively easy even to a computer novice. There is one thing to bear in mind though; readability. Often people make the mistake of using a font colour that is the same as some of the aspects of the image they are putting the text onto. This means it makes it hard to read and can irritate anyone who sees it. A simple solution to this is to always use white text with a black outline around it. There are many free photo editors that you can use this with. Every Microsoft machice comes with “Microsoft Paint”. Personally I prefer to use Photoshop for my image editing needs. Here is a screenshot of a meme in the making:

meme made in photoshop

As you can see I am using the “stroke” tool on my text to create a black outline around it.

Step 3 Image Sizes

A big issue with any photo uploaded to the web is the file size. Not everyone has super speedy internet or they may be viewing it from their phone. If your meme’s file size is for example 10 megabytes people are going to be pretty frustrated when it takes a very long time to load. You must always make sure your picture’s file size is as small as you can possibly make it without sacrificing too much picture quality. Try to keep it less than 200 kilobytes at the maximum. Many photo editing software has a “save to web” option which will compress your image to the optimal file size. Also make sure to use an efficient file type like a .jpeg.

Step 4 Spelling

Always make sure to check your spelling and grammar. There is nothing more in the world that the internet community hates more than bad spelling and grammar. If you get ‘you’re’ and ‘your’ mixed up then expect your meme to be an epic failure.

Hopefully this guide on how to create a meme picture has been useful to you. If you’re looking for some inspiration for creating your meme or just want a bit of a laugh then make sure to check out QuickLOL’s funny pictures collection on our home page. Alternatively you can view our large collection of Meme pics by selecting “memes” from the navigation menu at the top of the page. Good luck creating your picture. I hope it becomes a viral, internet success!