How To Be Funny At School

It’s no secret that the more popular kids are usually funny and witty as well. That’s no accident – after all, people like funny people, and they tend to gravitate to people who can make them laugh and make them feel better. But if you’re at school and looking to become more popular yourself, what can you do to be funnier and enjoy more funny time in your own everyday life?

funny school quoteHere are  just a few tricks of the trade, so to speak, that come to make you funnier and a more enjoyable person at school:

Be nice to everybody!

Sure, you want to make fun of people – and you can! But make sure that it is in a good-natured way, and make sure you are an equal opportunity comedian – that is, you make fun of everybody, including yourself (more on that below). When you do this, you let everyone in on the joke, and you allow everyone to get around you and laugh and enjoy your humor and your reactions fully, making you popular with every single crowd at school, and not just one particular group.

dog going to schoolMake fun of yourself

The funniest people find it pretty easy to make fun of themselves. If you can truly and fully make fun of yourself, you are going to go a long way when it comes to gaining popularity and proving that you can take the joke. So make it a point to make fun of yourself at school and beyond as you grow popularity in the process!

Trial and error

There’s no set rules to being funny at school, and no single set of jokes you can tell. You just have to experiment with jokes, timing, and more. Do it through trial and error, realize that it takes time, but over that time you will get better at being funny, and you will become more popular in the process.

Keep with the times

There are always humorous trends that everyone seems to follow. These trends in humor can help you keep your material funny and fresh. Check out some funny pictures like the ones on this website as well as trending funny videos on Youtube. This way you will ensure that you don’t look silly when you don’t get a joke told. Also surrounding yourself by hilarious things is like training to be a funnier person as will be sure to slowly rub off on you.

funny school teacherAlways be optimistic and look on the bright side

Finally, people like being around those who are funny, because doing so can make them laugh and brighten their day. Do this while you are in school, and make sure that you are a fun person to be around who is optimistic, humorous, and more. After all, nobody want to be around people who don’t bring them enjoyment – so make it a point to go out of your way to be happy, funny, witty, and enjoyable, and you will be covered in friends before you know it!

In all, it’s not as hard as you think to be funny at school. Through a little trial and error and some hard work when it comes to figuring out what works, you can become very funny at school and be one of the most popular kids in the classroom, no matter what. Work hard at it, and understand it will take time, but if you’ve got the right attitude and the desire to do it, you can become funny at school and be one of the popular kids!