How To Be Funny Around Girls

If you know anything about being funny, or you’ve seen anything from people who generally are funny, you know that girls seem to gravitate to people who are funny or comedic. It makes sense, since funny people tend to show more confidence and be more outgoing, but how can you get that way in your life, especially if you are nervous around girls?

relationship status funnyAfter all, it can be difficult to be funny around girls if you are anxious or shy around them. But if you want to be a ladies man, or even if you just want to pick up a few new friends and increase your popularity in due time, it is important to learn how to be funny around girls and make yourself at ease in the process.

Here are just a few ways that you can be funny around girls as you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, and in the end, get the girl!

Make fun of yourself

Girls love humor, of course, but if you don’t have any material or anything good to start with, you need something that will work. Don’t make fun of them! You don’t want to make anybody self-conscious or nervous, as that may drive them away. So, instead, make fun of yourself and put down yourself in funny ways. Girls will be drawn to your personality and your attitude as somebody nice and funny.

ladies man funny pictureBe confident

It really comes down to confidence around girls, whether you try to be funny or not. It just so happens, though, that generally confident people around girls also happen to be pretty funny – and vice versa. So throw away those anxieties about what she may be thinking, or what you may or may not be able to do if you are nervous, and just be you! Be funny, be confident, and be fearless – you would be surprised how well girls tend to respond to that!

Be happy and carefree!

Finally, girls know when you are nervous. They can spot when you are anxious, and they can tell from a mile away if they know you, and you are not being yourself. So for that reason, alone, make it so that you are happy and carefree around girls and women the entire time you’re there. They will pick up on your happy and carefree spirit, and in time they will make it a point to spend more time around you and your funny ways – a sure win for you and what you want!

Girls love people who are funny, so work on your material and make it a point to be funny around them. But remember – be carefree, be confident, and be fearless. There is nothing better than confidence around women, and jokes will bring that confidence out of you, and in time, bring that enjoyment and general appeal out of them as you find yourself growing more and more popular. Good luck with the ladies, as you work on your jokes to increase your popularity!