Hilarious Photos

I find it hard using the mouse and keyboard with my paws.

dog on a computer

Lunch is the perfect time to have a healthy snack.

healthy snack

Balls have some marvellous engineering skills.

new born baby

This is how I used to felt when I was a kid and I had to go to bed.

dog doesnt want to go to bed

Mike had an even worse time when someone spilled a box of pins on him.

mike swallowed a magnet

Isn’t nature just so beautiful… these two love birds offspring were rather strange.

dog humping a horse

Here is a little intensive to keep your car clean. Unless your’e a hooker in which this could be some good advertising.

I'm this dirty in bed

This head swap is one of my favourite hilarious photos. Or maybe it isn’t a head swap but in fact a really ugly family.

funny father son head swap

This is a rather delightful school photo. I think the dog with the horse in the previous photo must have helped make this kid.

kid with a dog in his hair

Looks like he is trying to catch the wrong kind of balls right here. But hey at least he is using protection in the form of his baseball mitt to stop him catching something nasty.

can't touch this

If you scratch your arse it’s probably a good idea to avoid people taking photos.

guy scratching his arse

Time to degrade this post with a bit of unnecessary filth.Why are camels called ships of the desert? Because they are filled with Arab semen.

pleased to meet you camel crane

Looks like this guy is going to be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

get girlfriend something sexy so got drunk

This bouncy fellow has been listening to too much hip hop hop hop.

respect yo

Always take an empty hot water bottle to bed with you to solve this problem. I am JK BTW I am not that demented… maybe.

finally in bed I have to pee

How I feel when I go on holiday. Even worse is when my swimming shorts fill with air and I look like I have a terrible flatulence problem when it bubbles out.

go in the water you wont look fat

Parking is serious business… cards. Some guy leaves these on peoples cars who park like a crazy fool.

you suck at barking business card

After running away from home Billy the bath tub missed the bathroom sink and had to give her a call.

hello yes this is bathtub in a phone box

Having a child especially so that you can save money on decorating bills may seem like a good idea at first however…

kid covered in paint hilarious

This cat is sooo going to tear up the toilet paper and claw the hell out of the sofa for making him take part in a humiliating photo shoot. His face says a thousand words lol.

angry cat in a funny hat

This stupid bird doesn’t realise he has a sneaky passenger hitching a ride on his back.

crow riding on eagle's back

This owl needs to take life less seriously. Whoo gives a hoot.

don't wanna be owl by myself

Changing the light bulb on hard mode.

Extreme light bulb changing

Warp speed ahead captain it is time to go where no dog has gone before!… walkies!

dog in uss enterprise outfit

Poor little tyke all he wanted to do was play football to pay for his school dinners.

Don't yell at him he's just a child