Hilarious Images to Cheer Up Friends

Everyone gets sad once in a while, some of our friends who seem happy all the time get sad sometimes too. Often it is hard to cheer up a friend who is feeling down in the dumps but sometimes a bit of good humour can help change the perspective of a situation.

its ok bro dog demotivator

It is important to remember that a friend who is feeling sad is emotionally fragile and you must make sure not to make the situation worse by using inappropriate or mocking humour. As well as the possibility of a hilarious image making them laugh or smile when they are feeling low, sending a funny picture lets your friend know you are thinking about them. Friends should be there for each other regardless of if times are good or bad and letting a friend know you want to help them feel better is important.

Cheering a friend up with a hilarious picture should be done tactfully as not to irritate them. You could always post a message to their Facebook or in a picture message from your phone along the lines of: “Hi mate I heard you were feeling a bit low, I found this picture funny and I hope it can cheer you up a bit. Give me a call if you need to talk 🙂 <insert funny picture here>”. Remember when sending the picture to put yourself in their shoes. Think about how you would feel if someone sent you the funny picture in question when you were feeling sad. Would you laugh or would it offend you? If for example your friend had just crashed his car you shouldn’t send him a funny picture about how great cars are and how bad life sucks without one.

It is important to remember that just because you have made them chuckle at a funny picture doesn’t mean their problem is solved. This being said a moment of brief relief from their sadness can help them feel a little better, if only for a moment and it shows you care enough to think of them.