Funny Pictures Of The Day

A nice collection of hilarious pictures all bundled into one long post for you all to enjoy! The first picture is a good way to get turned on… get it? Plugs… turn on… oh god that joke was terrible!

power socket innuendo graffiti

You walk like this all the time? Freak cat

tight rope walk above tigers

laughed at crayon drawing laughed at chalk outline

star wars dogs

fat kid popsicles gangster bitch

hi im steven seagull

little kid taking photo of woman's butt

guy hanging onto back of bus

tea spilling on a laptop

raccoon in a box welcome to crib

want to punch so bad my fist has a boner

call very important to us laughing

cat with a gallon of milk not what it looks like

happy meal give me that look

dragon birthday cake breath fire

park anywhere button hazards

sandals keeping virginity since ever

bikinis tied together funny trick

three kinds of people

toilet demotivator

taliband music

finally fleshlight on its way truck

fast response unit on blocks

shoes when i was 12 vs kids today

spiderman warehouse

but teacher he was talking also

Horse Photobombjust because you're unique doesn't mean you're useful

Free cross trainer. Sign says I'm fat and lazy you still have a chance