Funny Avengers Pictures

Did you see the new Avengers film? I saw it recently and it was one of the most epic films I have ever seen! What did you think of the new Avengers film? Let us know in the comments.

Thor lays down the MC hammer

Stop hammer time

He wasn’t invited but that’s because he’s always spraying web everywhere and making a mess.
Spiderman not invited to avengers

Thors hair was always so perfect, I wonder how he did it…

Thoreal Asgard L'Oreal Paris

The hulk has some really inspiring quotes…

hulk quote grrr aaaahgh

Never leave a marvel movie before the end of the credits. You will always miss something cool ūüôā

Leave marvel movie before end credits lotr meme

Lol I really couldn’t take her seriously when she played Maria in the Avengers after watching ‘How I met your mother’.
avengers always be robin scherbatsky

If you have seen the How I met Your Mother episode where Robin keeps saying “but um” you will get this joke :p

Robin scherbatsky but um avengers

This picture is just freaky! Even as face swaps go. Their heads fit horribly well on each others bodies…
Thor & Natasha Romanova face swap dafuq

These two were caught perving on Scarlett Johansson. But cut them some slack, can you blame them for taking a peak?

scarlett johansson dat ass funny

The reason your girlfriend did’t like the Avengers… and the reason why she did like it. My girlfriend loved the film. In fact she was the one who¬†actually¬†invited me to see it! Needless to say my girlfriend is awesome!

reason girlfriend loved or didn't enjoy the avengers pie chart

The most powerful item in the whole of the film; the hulks trousers!
avengers paper cartoon take away hulk pants

Whoever baked this cake was defiantly a huge fan! Yummy, it looks delicious!

Cool avengers cake

Samuel L Jackson is just the ultimate bad ass in every movie he acts in.

who needs super powers shoot in the face

I didn’t go see the Avengers in 3D… this picture makes me think I may have missed out ūüėČ

Dat ass in 3D! Scarlett Johansson

This brings back some old school memories. I forgot how hilarious the old fashioned Hulk looked. He was just basically a muscular guy in green paint.

Old Hulk & Thor before it was cool

Condescending Wonka has his own opinions about the great success of the new Avengers movie.

Wonka, Avengers opening night, tell me more about piracy destroying hollywood

This is how my girlfriend was after we left the Avengers Movie

Girlfriend loves Thor

Coming soon, part two in the series: The “Catvengers”