Funny Drunk People Photos

This collection of hilarious photos is good incentive to not get overly drunk at a party. There is nothing worse than waking up and finding mystery foreign objects lodged in uncomfortable places, so drink responsibly and spend your night out awake… or you could end up like these people:

marker pen drunk

jenga head drunk mans hat

humiliated drunk man

drunk person covered in duct tape

drunk man taped to the roof

partying at the club

drunk guy covered in marker pen

drunk cling wrapped to a bed

a drunkard taped to a chair

foolish looking drunk man

passed guy out hung up with coat hanger

fruit face drunk man

person duct taped to a wall

puked in car

drunk person taped to a pipe

furniture piled on top of a drunk

drunken face painting

tequila demotivator

drunken horse