Funny Boat Names Pictures

Ahoy there, funny boat names off the starboard bow! This collection of pictures will make you want to buy a boat just so you can call it something crazy. Are you a keen sailor with a passion for calling your ship something stupid? Then pinch us out a comment on the poop deck with your funny boat name and let everyone else know.

Piece of ship

Breakin Wind

Bullship boat name

Cirrhosis of the river


Titan uranus, hong kong

Amy's Wine House

Ship happens

Vitamin Sea

Master BaiterWasted Seamen

36 double seas

Aboat Time



BJ Discovery Ship

Boobie Bouncer

Yeah Buoy

Fish & Chicks

The Codfather


Wet Dreamer


SS Fat Guy

Finger Boat

IV Play

Passing Wind

The Salty Swallow

Scummy Boat

Sea Nymph

Shameless Hooker

Scott's Wet Dream Boat