Funny Animals Begging For Food Pictures

Animals love food. Sometimes I would wonder what would happen if I gave my dog a huge banquet of delicious food. Would he keep eating it until he exploded? Some pets seem to be always hungry no matter how often you feed them. Here is a collection of funny pictures of animals who want some food.

Tiger swimming after meat

Plate of broccoli and dog, where's my steak?

Soon dog outside window

Two cats looking at some rice

A mouse eating some cereal

A cat eating a meaty sausage

Dog sniffing a bowl of food on a sign

Pug begging for a sausage

Huge bowl of dog food

Dog looking at a beer

Dog begging by BBQ

Dog sniffing a bone drawn in chalk

Cats watching a fishing boat

Cat eating a snack

Cat lusting for plate of food

Two cats looking at noodles

Cat birthday cake

Funny dog biscuit

Birds fighting over food

Dog looking at food through a window

Cat with cake and candles