Disney Subliminal Messages Collection

Disney is well known for slipping in the odd subliminal message into their cartoons. Mostly these subliminal messages are of an erotic nature. In the newer releases of Disney cartoons, some of the subliminal messages have been removed. I know some of these are legit as I have seen the old copies that some of my friends have. What do you think about Disney subliminal messages? A step too far or a funny secret?

A subliminal message from The Rescuers. Take a look at the window in the background.

the rescuers disney subliminal messages

This is a subliminal message from ‘The Wabbit Who Came to Supper’. Roger Rabbit’s towel slips down revealing his little fluffy member. The cartoonists actually admitted to this one being intentional.

wabbit who came to supper disney subliminal messages

A subliminal message from ‘The Little Mermaid’. Look at the priests crotch and you will see he is rather excited about the wedding, perhaps a little too excited… The subliminal message was later removed but still remains in the early copies. The next image is a before and after of the early and new copies.

little mermaid erection subliminal messages

This is another subliminal message from ‘The Little Mermaid’ and was present on the front cover of the movie. The case has now been changed to be a little more child friendly.

disney subliminal messages little mermaid

Another subliminal message from Disney on the cover of the box of the lion king. The outline of a woman wearing panties is hidden in the lions face. Genuine mistake or a seedy subliminal?

the lion king woman in panties on cover

Next up is a more recent hidden message from ‘Hannah Montana’s Concert Candy’. How ironic that such perversely shaped candies should be released by someone who is often criticised for acting like a bit of a hussy. Could this be merely a poorly designed product or a perverse plan with not so sweet intentions?

disneys hannah montana candy

This one is of Mickey Mouse holding Minnie Mouse’s suspiciously shaped body. Subliminal message or oblivious cartoonist with shlong on the brain?

mickey mouse subliminal messages

This one is a subliminal message from the three little pigs. Take a look at the picture behind the pigs.

disney subliminal messages three little pigs

A subliminal message from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ where a character shows off her lady pocket.

roger rabbit subliminal messages

“My love for you is written in the stars”. In The Lion King Disney’s erotic intentions are written in the stars/dust for all to see.

lion king sex written in stars dust hidden message

A newer hidden message from a Disney movie produced in 2010 ‘Tangled’. In this picture you can see that the word ‘sex’ is spelled out on the rope. Was this a mistake or is Disney trying to get kids ‘tangled’ up in their perverse subliminal messages? Looking at the face of the horse he certainly seems to disapprove of this kind of seedy behaviour.

sex written on rope in disneys tangled subliminal

A silly one from Aladdin where his skin magically changes colour at the end of the movie.

aladin changing race and colour

Check out this sneaky nazi swastika symbol in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians!