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Crafting Nokia & Iphone In Minecraft

This ones for all your minecrafters out there. How to craft the indestructible Nokia 3310 and the fragile Iphone. My friend used to have one of those Nokias and actually put it through the washing machine in his pocket. He dried it out and it still worked, what a phone!

crafting nokia 3310 and iphone

Real Gamers

The work of a true gamer is never done. Everywhere you look there is a challenge and a new high score to be set!

Speeding limit high score real gamers never rest

Female IT Experts

How do you spot a female IT expert?

checking self in reflection of c
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Angry Birds Piglet

The evil pigs may be stealing the angry birds eggs but sometimes you can let them get away with it.

Piglet, can I keep your eggs? Angry birds

Windows vs Mac Car Analogy

This picture is full of so much epic win! I do the same thing with my car IRL maybe that’s why I am a Windows fan :).

Windows: A new oil filter and this will run for a few more years. Mac: Sounds like something is broken time to buy a new one