Amusing Photos

” Daddy Daddy I want to drive in the bus bumper car!” Lets hope they have some air bags.

bus bumper car

Hmm I think I will use the other toilet stall.

LSD toilet roll

Someone stop that monkey he is stealing my cat!

amusing monkey

Any time is a good time to eat a banana apparently. Nothing is more rock and roll than getting your five a day.

guy eating banana at metal concert

This taco is feeling like an empty shell.

I don't wanna taco'bout it

Her armpit just won’t shut up!

shh armpit

He’s had enough of you mocking his strangely shaped head.

ape gives middle finger

This rabbit is hopping mad.

rabbit taking photo

The most fun I ever had at a public urinal.

urinal football game

This is a photo of how my girlfriend sleeps in bed with me. I am sure a lot of you fellahs have the same problems.

girlfriend taking up all the bed

This dog always wanted to be a stripper.

pole dancing dog

Humiliation can be too much to bear even if you’re a frog.

frog kill me dress

“OMG BUBBLES!” amusing photos

fish bubbles

Do you need some fap energy? Fap fap fap fap.

fap energy

Sponge Bob has got it right

nobody cares

Family are often very weird indeed.

family weird creatures surrounded by from birth

Good guy motorbike rider

parks at back of spot so you dont get your hopes up

Sometimes you just don’t want to pick up the phone.

hello this is bear

It is great to know there are motorists with such a secure load driving on our roads… sort of.

truck loaded up high

Women’s hockey vs men’s football.

hockey vs football

Snacking between meals is bat for you.

remember diet cat

Sasquatch is feeling a bit emo.

just mythed each other big foot

If your’e a man who gets home and see this then just turn around and run as fast as you can.

fruit knife girlfriend is angry

Go fork yourself.

fork you funny

Bath time!

animals showering

Pooping like a sir.

posh dog

The logic of Luke Skywalker.

star wars logic

Any time is a good time to celebrate!

im not an alcoholic just got a lot of reasons to celebrate